Five Main Causes of Blocked Drains And How To Prevent Them

Clear sink blockage

What Causes Blocked Drains (and How to Clear Them)

If you’ve ever come up against a blocked drain that refuses to budge, then you’ll know just how annoying it can be. Drainage problems can lead to damaged pipes, flooding, corrosion and an expensive repair bill down the line. That’s why it’s important to get to the bottom of any concerns as soon as they arise. In this blog post, we’ll look at the most common causes of blocked drains and the best ways to clear them. We might even throw some preventative tips in too. Read on below to make troublesome drains a thing of the past. 


Regardless of how long your hair is, it can cause blocked drains and it’s actually quite common. Tangled hair that gets into a pipe can create issues of its own, but the real problem arises when it catches other objects and particles. With enough buildup, hair can knot and form a mesh that blocks water flow. The solution? Don’t let it get to that stage in the first place! But if it’s too late for that, then grab some drain clearer from the shops or try a plumber’s snake. If all else fails, it might be time to call in a professional. 

Tip: you can prevent hair related blocked drains by buying a cover guard from a hardware store. These will cost you a small amount and can save you a lot of money in the long run.  

Soap Grime

It might keep you clean on the outside, but it’s not great for your pipes on the inside. Regular soap bars are made from grease and fat which can bind together with other substances to form a hard finish. This residue is known as ‘soap scum’ and usually lingers around showers and baths. The best way to deal with blocked drains that are caused by soap is to get your pipes pressure cleaned. An easier fix is to change things up altogether and switch to soap-free washes. It’s a small price to pay for less blocked drains.   

Cooking Grease

This yucky goo is no better for your pipes than it is for you. The problem with cooking grease is that it solidifies once cool and this leads to some nasty drainage issues. In fact, you might even be stuck with a pipe that’s completely sealed over. A good measure in these situations is to whip up a DIY mix of detergent and hot water that can be poured down the drain in question. Failing that, look to the awesome power of a water jet operated by a handy plumber. You can prevent a lot of problems by absorbing excess oils and fats with a paper towel before disposing of them in the garbage. 

Tree Roots

Mother nature is far from your best friend when it comes to keeping your drains clear. Roots can be surprisingly strong and can break through even the toughest of pipes, leading to blockages and disruptions to water flow. More often than not, this kind of situation will call for replacement of the pipe by an expert. Avoid such headaches by keeping an eye on what’s growing in your garden and allow for plenty of room. 

Dirt & Mud

Dirt will cause havoc to your drains when it gets wet and turns into mud. It’ll combine with the above culprits and create pockets of congestion that aren’t fun to deal with. Rid yourself of dirt related blocked drains by getting the plunger out and applying some old fashioned elbow grease. You can also use a drain cleaning liquid or a plumber’s snake. Be sure to shake off any excess dirt that might be on your hands or your clothes before washing to help make dirty buildups few and far between.

Plumbers for your Blocked Drain

Blocked drains are never good news and can be caused by a variety of different things. Whether it’s a buildup of hair, soap, cooking grease, tree roots, dirt or anything else, it’s always a good idea to be proactive and keep an eye towards prevention. If, however, you need expert help from a qualified professional, then we can help. The friendly team at PR Plumbing & Drainage has a wealth of experience and can get any job done. We pride ourselves on delivering fantastic customer service and results that speak for themselves. Contact us on 0430 490 703 for help with blocked drains in the Hills District. Trust that you’ll be in water tight hands each and every time.